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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Cowboy Paintings

A discussion of dress does not only involve the clothes and their wearers, but also those who make them. Originally, clothes did not take long to make; animal skins only had to be cut up and cleaned with stone and bone tools. However, when primitive man changed from his nomadic life to a more settled existence and learned to cultivate the land and raise animals, they made two sensational discoveries: the raw material with which he could make clothes -- wool, linen, hemp and cotton, and the way to produce them by spinning and weaving. Once man had learned this secret, he then had to develop and improve his performance. The results depended not only on the skill of the craftsman, but also on technology, that is first instruments and then machinery.

Today, clothes of various sophisticated designs and quality can be made from various materials. Western fashion such as that of cowboy fashion can readily be purchased from malls or online stores. Western shirts, long sleeve or short sleeve, Western Rhinestone Belts and many other crystal belts can all be purchased easily on the web! Need a cowboy model? In just a few clicks, Cowboy dress-up can be a dream made real anytime now!

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